Retirement Musings Year 6

I’ve been retired for long enough that I no longer think of myself as retired. I’m simply living my life. My first years of retirement were busy establishing that new life, a life filled with hopes and dreams collected over the previous working lifetime, a life I was eager to achieve. I became a published author. My husband and I travelled with a new travel trailer. My kids were self-sufficient, creating their own working lifetimes. The planning was paying off.

Years later, now, after some health scares, some pandemic years, some money replanning (yes, my retirement plans included stock market investments), and unanticipated attention to elderly parents, I can’t say all those hopes and dreams have been accounted for as expected.

But that’s life. Plan for the best, handle the worst? That might not be how that saying goes.

Regardless, today I have decided to refocus back to my anticipated retirement life. Marketing my books, playing my sport of curling, travelling with my husband. There may be side roads but we all know where the road after retirement leads, that final destination. So enjoy or suffer those meanderings but get back on the main drag!

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2 thoughts on “Retirement Musings Year 6

  1. Awa you are strong you will be back on track pretty soon. Pandemic shot us all ,sideways.Now we are getting use to a new way of living .I look forward to seeing you one day again ! keep on enjoying life and especially your family . Sending hugs and enjoy each and every day .

  2. It has been 4 years for me ….I too have spent time traveling in our trailer with my Hubbie…we went to New Found land for a month this summer…….Reading a lot of books, relaxing and taking life easy…Going to Greece this spring… was postponed because of COVID(our Gov’t Closed all borders to travel )So now things are getting back to the new normal….Wow !!!

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