Weather or Not

When I was writing my book Camp Follower, I noticed that the moves of my military life seemed always to be “polar” opposites (pun intended) in terms of the type of weather. Calgary in winter to cloudy Germany. Germany to Goose Bay. Anywhere in the dry prairies to anywhere in humid southern Ontario. But in … More Weather or Not

Camp Follower

I’m a Camp Follower. I’m a base brat because my father joined the army. This beautiful illustration by artist Nathan Caro Frechette, can be found, with other wonderful pictures, in my book : “Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story” by Michele Sabad.

I Wrote a Book

This is the first time saying it, out loud, “I wrote a book!” So far, all I’ve ever said is, “I’m writing a book.” But now it’s done. Finished. Edited. Re-written. Fixed. Proof-read. Done. Ready to print, to sell, to read. My editor will attest : I love mixing my verb tenses. But this time … More I Wrote a Book