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What the critics are saying: Camp Follower : Stories to Share with “Civvies”

5 Star Review

“…Sabad does have a well-developed writing style and penchant for story-telling…[her] life story is interesting and charmingly told.” Jim Scott, Esprit de Corps magazine, September 2018

“Michele is a natural-born storyteller.  I laughed, choked up, got angry, and was sincerely interested to know more about this life. I think this book will charm people who aren’t base brats, but I bet base-brats will simply love it.” Cait Gordon, author Life in the ’Cosm

 Ink&Insights 2017 Non-fiction Top 5 Submission “ I think [Michele has] a really interesting concept, and one that would speak to a lot of people. As a longtime military family member, [she has] a unique perspective to offer.”

Alta Vista-Canterbury Newspaper Jan 2018 :“What is life like for an Army Brat? That question is brilliantly captured in a new book, Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story written by Michele Sabad.”