BOOKS by Michele Sabad

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First We Eat. Food, Life, and More Stories (Canada)

First We Eat. Food, Life, and More Stories (USA)

Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story (Canada)

Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story (USA)

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What the critics are saying: 

Camp Follower : Stories to Share with “Civvies”

First We Eat : Not your Mother’s Recipe Book

“…Sabad does have a well-developed writing style and penchant for story-telling…[her] life story is interesting and charmingly told.” Jim Scott, Esprit de Corps magazine, September 2018

“Michele is a natural-born storyteller.  I laughed, choked up, got angry, and was sincerely interested to know more about this life. I think this book will charm people who aren’t base brats, but I bet base-brats will simply love it.” Cait Gordon, author Life in the ’Cosm

 Ink&Insights 2017 Non-fiction Top 5 Submission “ I think [Michele has] a really interesting concept, and one that would speak to a lot of people. As a longtime military family member, [she has] a unique perspective to offer.”