It’s Fate

“What do you mean ‘We won the lottery’? What are you talking about – 1 million dollars?”, Stevie recoiled in horror. This couldn’t be true. It was the worst news her excited husband could have had for her, just returned from her business trip in New Orleans. Their darling son Brandon, at 2 years old … More It’s Fate

I’m Lucky

Note from author: It’s so hot outside today! Here’s a short short that fits the day perfectly! If I was younger, I’d have a bite or two out of those freaky bike creatures clattering down my street, with their squealing kids attached. I miss the taste of rubber. “Bark, ” I warn, not even getting … More I’m Lucky

Today’s Mission

Mission Something was off when Alicia woke up at the 6:20 alarm. She slipped on the silky scatter rug as she rolled out of bed, and felt a giddy dizziness when she straightened; she knew she hadn’t drunk that much wine last night? She showered, grabbed the lunch already in the fridge and downed a … More Today’s Mission

Out of This World

  Space radiated with silence; Barri Szowski floated in the stillness. Through his faceplate, he gazed away at the smeared light that glittered the Milky Way. He paused in his work, halting the robotic nano-gloves that melded molecules on the ceramic alloy of the elevator tubing. Looking down on the wispy ball of Earth, glorious … More Out of This World

A Love Story

Why She Loves…  She reached over to shut off the alarm, and knocked over the glass of water on the bedside table. She ran for the bus, got splashed by the pickup truck on her way, then had to stand for the half-hour commute downtown. Nobody had filled the kettle that morning. She started it … More A Love Story