Reading List 2019

It’s that time again – another calendar year is ending. 2019. 2020 on the way. It sounds futuristic, like a date from one of the sci-fi novels I loved in my youth, and still like to read, although I’ve been on quite the historical fiction kick lately. Here’s the list this year: Worthy Brown’s Daughter … More Reading List 2019

Reading List 2018

As usual I did NOT read as many books this year as I planned. How does that happen? I spent a busy year marketing and promoting my book Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story, which turned into more fun than anticipated. Many signings, travels, family events; it was a high-school renunion year; it was my … More Reading List 2018

Today’s Mission

Mission Something was off when Alicia woke up at the 6:20 alarm. She slipped on the silky scatter rug as she rolled out of bed, and felt a giddy dizziness when she straightened; she knew she hadn’t drunk that much wine last night? She showered, grabbed the lunch already in the fridge and downed a … More Today’s Mission

Out of This World

  Space radiated with silence; Barri Szowski floated in the stillness. Through his faceplate, he gazed away at the smeared light that glittered the Milky Way. He paused in his work, halting the robotic nano-gloves that melded molecules on the ceramic alloy of the elevator tubing. Looking down on the wispy ball of Earth, glorious … More Out of This World