A Love Story

Why She Loves…

 She reached over to shut off the alarm, and knocked over the glass of water on the bedside table.

She ran for the bus, got splashed by the pickup truck on her way, then had to stand for the half-hour commute downtown.

Nobody had filled the kettle that morning. She started it up, then remembered she was out of teabags at her desk.

The afternoon meeting went overtime. Her project’s due date was moved up a week, and it’s her turn to do the minutes before end of day.

When she logged off for the day, updates crashed her computer.

She got a seat on the bus. A big man squished in beside her. She had a crick in her back when she stumbled off at her stop.

Her husband greeted her at the door. He wanted to go out for supper.

She falls onto the couch, coat still half on.

Now her husband hands her a golden box, tied brightly with a shiny purple ribbon. It glows like a jewel; shimmers in the evening sunlight coming over her shoulder.

She opens the little box.

She loves her husband of course.

But Chocolate…She feels giddy… Chocolate makes Life worth Living!


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