I’m Lucky


Note from author: It’s so hot outside today! Here’s a short short that fits the day perfectly!

If I was younger, I’d have a bite or two out of those freaky bike creatures clattering down my street, with their squealing kids attached. I miss the taste of rubber.

“Bark, ” I warn, not even getting up. My belly is cool laying here under the rose bushes. The hot summer sun sears overhead.

They sail on. Good for me. Guard duty makes me hungry.

“Lucky! Where are you? ”, I hear my person yell from above me on the porch. Right on time. Sometimes I have to bestir myself to go get her for treatie time.

“Woof”, I tell her to bring them over – I’m too comfy to climb the steps.

“Your favourite today.” She’s right again. I bestow a rewarding kissy lick; she scratches the top of my lumpy head, right where I can’t reach. Ahh.

After snacks, it’s usually time to patrol, sprinkling my own invisible fence around the corners of my lawn. Gotta keep out the neighbourhood riff-raff like that snoopy roving cat. Even that annoying young stud mutt next door will turn up his nose respectfully at the whiff.

But today, it’s sunny, I’m shady, so I decide on nap time before dinner. Another busy day.

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