Ides of March – beAware


In case any of my readers were wondering, yes, I’m still writing, and yes, I still hope you are reading! I know I haven’t posted in awhile, because…

My manuscript for “Camp Follower – A Storied Life” has been consuming me these past winter months since Christmas. It started, as you know if you’ve read the stories under my “Camp Followers” section, as various life stories, true or true enough, each a separate anecdote that could be understood on its own.

Well, a couple more stories led to more, and then a narrative grew almost “organically” around them to stitch the stories together, et voila, the book they have become is almost finished. I have submitted the first 10K words of it to a contest for new writers.

In the meantime, I haven’t been posting the individual stories anymore for two reasons:

  1. They no longer neatly stand on their own – they are leaning on the before and after stories more now – like pieces of a real book.
  2. Sometimes I get fidgety waiting to publish the whole book, so I send pieces off for contests or other web publication. Which usually specify that the work can’t have been previously published anywhere, even on my own blog.

So excitement about finishing my first manuscript is building – I’ve even started the dreaming about my next work, which I have decided is definitely going to be fiction. Keep tuned for bits of it to come.


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