Roadtrip – Part 2

jellyfish_20170505Husbands say the darndest things. Annoying? Or is it just me, living 24-7 on the road?

Winter has been long, let’s get away. Drive south till the butter melts!

Ok. Then,

It’s too hot here. Crank up the AC.

How about :

I don’t like these plates. They’re too noisy. Huh?

Ok, obvious I’m not getting any real writing done on this roadtrip. Why try? An update though:

I got my scores back from the “InkandInsights” manuscript submission contest, for the first 10K words of my memoir book. I’m pretty pleased with the results : All four judges were in the same ballpark for scores, and the lowest scorer gave me some nice comments, so all in all, I can work with the suggestions. There were some parts that all four judges complained about, which might be expected if there is something that should be changed, of course, and I will definitely seek out and fix those places. More interesting was the fact that for some criticisms by one judge, another really liked how it was done! Meaning of course that writing is in the eye and mind of the beholder, the reader. So for those complaints, I will look at the suggestion and either change it to suit or not, depending on the praise by the other judge. Or not. I think I finally have learned something very important for any writer : It’s my book. It has to work for me. Then the readers that like it will like it for how it was written. And the ones who don’t like it, well, they’ll find other books to like. I’m OK with that. I’m a reader, too, and I don’t like everything either.

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