June – Ideas Month


With my first book a non-fiction (as much as possible) memoir of my life growing up military, then becoming an Air Force wife and Hockey Mom, and finally settling down as a new writer – finished for now and heading to the editor and publishing cycle, well.. What next?

How about a sci-fi post-apocalytic heroine of a new religion? I have an idea for that. Or a historic romance of a local nature between a visiting monk and a local nun? I have an idea for that. The other one I’m thinking about is a very historic (back to pre-historic) old-fashioned “Michener”-style long range story of the women’s lives in my mitocrondial-DNA story.

But not today. It’s another summer day to enjoy, daydream, and plan for another time. And Bluesfest in Ottawa approaches – words are taking a break for the summer while music fills me up!

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