More Retirement Lessons

More insights that I could not have imagined while working for a paycheque, taking my youth for granted.


Money versus Health? Health.

Money represents what we want, what will make us happy, what we strive for in youth.

With age, we are happy getting out of bed without a new ache in our back. With a full night’s sleep uninterupted by bathroom breaks. With eating leftover pizza for breakfast without heartburn pills. We enjoy a sun-filled day with a walk and leisurely errands. Or choose not to step out in the sleet or ice or otherwise unpleasant weather, to stay cocooned in our reading chair with books, and tea, and chocolate, and Netflix.  

It’s hard work to stay healthy as we age. We walk. Play and join others at play – I curl now again! We eat more carefully, more thoughfully, aware of consequences. Sleep.

And work, just not for a paycheque. I write now. Selling the books is work, but enjoyable; I meet people at signings, I write emails and blog, making sure I take pictures along the way. I never had such a great camera when young! I venture to meetings with groups that I had no idea existed when I was young, and working for money.

We can’t fight age, but we can live with it. Life is just a journey. I’m sure there are more surprises and lessons to come, because so far, it’s been my experience that Life never stops teaching. We are here to learn.

Are you retired? What lessons are you learning?

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