Camp Follower Excerpt : Yorkton

YorktonIn 1970 I moved to Saskatchewan. Here’s an excerpt from “Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story” by Michele Sabad: ” After the elevators and over the railroad tracks, you still had a few more kilometers down that gritty unpaved road, with farm fields to either side, past the low ditches, to get to the gate of the base. Imagine wheat fields encircling the horizon, with a quarter-section carved out squarely in the middle, where low bland military buildings and trailer-park PMQs were plunked in organized Legolandlike configurations. Nothing over two storeys high, and wide clear sky above. Then there were the radar domes themselves, “up the hill.” CF-Yorkton station was part of NORAD’s Pinetree line. Like the DEW line, it was a part of a string of radar bases set up as Distant Early Warning stations. Cold War stuff. There was not much of a hill on that flat, open-plained land. More like a slight rise. The domes looked like giant golf balls, white and dimpled, and showed for kilometers away over the wheat-rippled horizon. ”

Where to buy? Here. 😉

One thought on “Camp Follower Excerpt : Yorkton

  1. Very well described. You have excellent talent, Stevie. I still haven’t read your book but intend to do so!

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