High School Reunions


Who goes to high school reunions? My high school reunions take place every 5 years, in Petawawa, Ontario. Our high school building is gone now, replaced by a military community store. They kept a little memorial corner about the school, which I cuddled into, in the picture here. It’s somewhat shocking, the first visit back with one’s memory visualizing a completely different view of the same spot in the space continuum. The time continuum is not in sync. But time does march on, despite our out-of-sync memories. Memories become history. History becomes lessons. Lessons that move us all forward, forward and hopefully in sync! From the book CAMP FOLLOWER:

“As I’ve settled and retired to the real civilian world, I experience shock if I see a store close that I remember opening, or see a young man all grown up that I knew as a childhood friend of my son. I never experienced the march of change in place until now, decades into life in my adopted hometown of Aylmer, Québec. Life happens everywhere. We all get there in the end. It’s the stories that we live and share along the way that make things interesting.”

3 thoughts on “High School Reunions

    1. Since turning 60, I feel I’ve earned the extra pounds, some wrinkles, grey hair, etc… No one I care about cares!

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