Retirement : Lessons in Progress


As a former Army brat, then Air Force wife, I was often accused in my “real world” working-mom-life of being overly-regimented, organized, scheduled. Always on time. Planned ahead. Herder of cats. True, I did pride myself on always having a plan, goals, methods and procedures. I could look ahead to consequences. Was this the result of my military background? Or because I was an eldest child? Or because I studied and made  a living in the field of computer science? Cause or effect? Chicken or egg?

Well, no matter. I’m retired and a writer now. Most of my life’s previous rules : those that applied to working wife and mom, no longer must be followed! I can be free to change. Whoa, what a concept : Free to Change.

I can sleep in any day I want. I rarely do.

I can eat whatever I want for any meal. But I actually eat healthier in retirement, not because I have to (although I do), but because I like to.

I can do any exercise I want, whenever I want. I still like to work out early in the day. I don’t join classes anymore, though. I don’t like the commitment.

So, just because I’m free to change, doesn’t mean I want to.

I still plan, have goals, follow procedures. But nowadays it’s because I want to, not because I have to, or because I was raised to. With age comes awareness of self. I’m living the dream — my verson of it. 

Now, I know age is only a number, but …if only something could be done about the 60th birthday coming up… Sounds like a sci-fi story needs to be written 😉

7 thoughts on “Retirement : Lessons in Progress

  1. Lessons in progress; learning is life long I do agree. Turning 60 is a blessing as you now get to truly reflect and let go of all the “stuff” accumulated that is no longer needed. New learning and I mean learning you want to be a part of is now on the horizon. You are also, I believe much more confident and accepting of who we are as a person. Welcome to the sixties. Have fun with it cause it can be just a number😄. 😩

  2. I feel exactly like you. I can sleep in, try to but am up at 7:15 every morning. I don’t like commitment anymore either! Been there…done that! I’m relishing in my freedom but do structure my day because I chose to. I’ve already turned 60 and loving it!

  3. Oh Michele! Thank you so much for describing my previous life exactly. You are not alone. I am still criticized today for not letting things happen “organically” or “naturally”! “they” often tell me to “relax”! “they” have not lived the life I have. Why should “I” change? for “them”, “those” who stand by and judge me. I am proud of being a military brat and military member and also now retired a little lost. I can find no passion and my severe arthritis has let my body down. A real low in the “golden” years. Your nailing it. Keep going!!!

    1. Nice to hear from you, Norine! Thanks for the kind words, and keep up the dream: we may be older with the trials that brings, but we’re not out of it yet!

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