Canadian Military Family Magazine : A Resource

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In my “olden days” time of growing up an army kid, then becoming an Air Force wife and mother, I never had access that I knew of to family resources, much less any kind of organized appreciation for my role as the “follower” of my military father’s then husband’s career. Sure, we had the base chaplain, but even at school it was understood you would never complain or commiserate about any unpleasant aspect of your military lifestyle. A quote from my book: : “There were consequences to being raised in such a life. Many of them positive. We experienced a variety in our lives of geography, weather, people, and cultures. But other consequences had not been so good. With no input or heads-up, every couple of years—two? three?—we’d be ripped from our familiar: our homes, our friends, our progression of life.” And of course later as a spouse, there were different challenges trying to train for a career of one’s own, to get a job, or to progress in it.

Happily, I found that the new generation of military “camp followers”, which include my own children and perhaps someday their own, have much better resources for integration into the “real” world than I and my cohorts ever did. Things like the magazine “Canadian Military Family Magazine”, which states itself  “An Independent media source for our Canadian military community.” , whose mission is “To keep military families connected.” Please consider a visit to their Facebook page : Canadian Military Family Magazine

Also, I shamelessly point you to the Spring 2018 issue, where Michele Sabad is featured in the Guest Avid Reader column, along with her book Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story.

Any other Brats out there? Be sure to tell me about your experiences with family help resources – am I right that times are better now? Or is just my age that I think the young ‘uns have things easier nowadays? 😉

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