Camp Follower : Stories to Share with “Civvies”

Most base brats of my time can easily relate to the stories in my book Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story, and I have appreciated the enthusiastic reviews. I would like now to share, especially with my fellow brats, the following review from a non-brat; I hope it touches you the same way it touched me – with gratitude that a fellow civvie was so interested in how we became who we are!

From Barry Finlay:

Most, if not all, of the reviews here so far are from fellow “military brats” but even though I have never been in the military and after being thoroughly entertained by the read, I can say that anyone would enjoy this book. In Camp Follower, Michele Sabad chronicles her life in a military family, following along wherever her father and later on, her husband, were sent.  There’s was no opportunity to set down roots as those of us who have led a “normal” life have been able to do. There are obvious downsides  to constantly moving, but there are upsides as well and Michele describes both with delightful stories and self deprecating humour.  It’s not easy writing an interesting memoir, but Sabad has accomplished the task. The book is a wonderful lesson on the challenges of constantly moving from one location to another and never really finding a home until retirement. But there is also the positive side – the opportunity to make new lifelong friends at every stop and the many different cultures and experiences. Some of the locations were large, others not so much, and having been raised on a farm on the prairies myself, the small town stories really resonated with me: Ski-doo rides, hours in freezing hockey arenas, people who become lifelong friends and a few you never want to see again. If living in a small town and raising a family builds character, constantly being on the move must add to it, and I had the sense when I finished the book that the author wouldn’t have had it any other way. While the title will attract fellow military brats, I recommend Camp Follower: One Army Brat’s Story to anyone who just wants a good read.   ***** Please check out Barry’s work at :  or


4 thoughts on “Camp Follower : Stories to Share with “Civvies”

  1. Reblogged this on The Official Website of P.T.L. Perrin and commented:
    As a military Brat, I related easily to Steve Sabad’s book CAMP FOLLOWER: One Army Brat’s Story. Sometimes we feel as if the only people who understand us are fellow Brats, but this review tells a different story. It’s evident that it touched her, and I’m sharing her blog because it touched me, too.

    1. Patty, thanks so much for the reblog. It does touch me that non-brats can appreciate how we became who we are from our military backgrounds. Life is about understanding each other.

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