July – Holidays Month, Retired or Not!


What do “holidays” mean when you’re retired? This is my third summer of retirement, and it finally feels like I need a holiday again! The first summer off just felt like ordinary holidays – travel, rest, drink and eat in restaurants, see tourist sites. The second summer was more of the same but included my new “work” life of being an author. That second summer was filled with hiring for my book Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story : I needed an editor, illustrator, layout help. Reworking, rewriting, and polishing for final printing. Getting self-published. Yes, definitely it was a working summer, that second summer of retirement!

But now, third summer is here. The book is out. Articles and interviews and publicity events have been planned and done. Sales and book signings have been done, are being done, are planned to be done. The new book is started (*more on that to come, keep following!) So now, July is here, and the heat is back, the patios are open! Travel is coming up : another road trip! And this year, I really will appreciate it. I’ve said it before, but retirement is just as exhausting and in need of R&R as my paying job ever was. Whether you are young and busy, or old and busy, Happy July, and let’s all enjoy!

What are you doing on your summer holidays this year? p.s. Anyone recognize the pic?

One thought on “July – Holidays Month, Retired or Not!

  1. Hey Michelle – glad you will have some holiday time for R&R. Not knowing what to expect in retirement can be a little misleading. We only have the references of our parents, friends who are retired, social media and the portrayal of retirees.
    There are expectations full of ups and downs until we find our own rhythm; which continual is full of change, but that’s life!😃
    I recognize the photo as the Edmonton Mall, what a place. Enjoy where ever you end up this summer. I am sure your second book will too be a success!

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