Christmas Season 2018 in pictures


I know Christmas Day is still a week away, but for me, Christmas Season is well underway and almost over. I don’t know if it’s because we’re a military family, with members spread far and wide, or because we’re just a normal family, with grown children and expanded families of their own to attend – but for me, Christmas is a full season, not just a day. And like the late fall season and early winter season it nestles between, each year Christmas season has variable conditions. Here’s how mine went this year:

  • Enjoying the mood and decorations. Ah, early snows meant early thoughts of Christmas. This pic was taken November 15! At least Remembrance Day was over.IMG_20181115_183619.jpg
  • Planning family time. This part of the season is the stressful part. This year, one son is deployed with the military and will not get home for traditional Christmastime. So, plan to meet up on his deployment break. Paris it is!IMG_20181207_193557~2.jpg
  • Return and plan other Christmas meetups. More stress. Brothers, nephews, grand-nephews, little gift exchanges, food, wine (not French, I drank enough in France to last a lifetime 😉 )
  • Finally, decorate our own little tree, take a breath, and look at the calendar. 2018 is almost over? When did that happen? Relax and enjoy the pics. France is more than just Paris. Here’s a sampling of more sites I visited. (p.s. Vimy Ridge and Juno Beach will get their own full post later.) For now, enjoy your own version of the Christmas season this year, and all the best in 2019!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Season 2018 in pictures

  1. Morning ..question…I have sent you five or so photoes of folks with your book not sure if you received or not ….if interested would you send me your email address..thanks in advance..

  2. It must have been wonderful meeting your son for some R&R in France. That’s a beautiful shot of the Eiffel Tower, and what are those stones? Cool cave painting. Any idea how old it is? Our Christmas season lasts all month, as well, with festive gatherings here and there, mostly in tee shirts and flip-flops, but always with the joyful spirit of Christmas. If we had any snow, we’d think the world was coming to an end. People still talk about the light dusting we had in Palm Beach 25 years ago. Shocking. You were in Juno Beach? Ten minutes from me? Or is there another Juno Beach? Be blessed the rest of this season, and I look forward to your next post. Merry Christmas!

    1. 1. Yes, Wonderful family get-together!
      2. Eiffel tower is guaranteed beautiful!
      3. The stones are dolmens, about 5000 years old, and are sprinkled all over Europe.
      4. The Lascaux cave paintings are estimated to be 20,000 yes 20K years old!!!
      5. Juno beach is the Canadian version of Omaha beach, ie, Normandy, France. (D-Day, WWII)
      Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for following🤗

  3. Merry Christmas to you Mickey and Don. Extend same wishes to Sasha, D’Arcy and their families. May this holiday season be filled with much love and joy. And as 2019 appears on the horizon, may it bring many triumphs and many dreams fulfilled. Love to all of you.💕💕

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