Winter : One of my Favourite Seasons

IMG_20190104_145022~2.jpgWho can look at this photo of winter and not say it’s their favourite season? I’ve always loved winter activities and am eager for the river to freeze enough to walk on it. Alas, I am not young enough to enjoy skating on the rough, cracked, natural ice anymore, but I do like watching. It’s true I also need an arctic-level Columbia-weather-tested parka, and mitts, not gloves, and long-johns and hat and scarf and the warmest boots I can buy. And I can’t go out when the wind chill is too strong. Or if it’s too icy. Or sleety. (I just hate sleet!)

But give me a day of -5C, no wind, fresh snow, preferably blue sky and sunshine, and I’m off to the river edge here in Aylmer, Quebec to watch the kids play hockey or sled down the hill. To watch the families truck onto the river to ice-fish. To drink my Timmies and walk the frozen Ottawa river.

Then home to while away the long, dark days after Christmas with reading, writing, and watching the weather channel – to plan the next perfect winter day outside. Or a trip down south in February 😉


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