Writing, Retirement Year 3 Begins


Some pictures define a life. 

When I retired almost 3 years ago now (!) I took up writing as my new raison d’être. In year 1, I wrote and self-published the book Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story by Michele Sabad. Year 2 was spent marketing, which I found I didn’t hate: the signings, the blogging, even some travelling. I’ve made friends and shared a fun year. Year 3, the plan was to write a new book, a fictional novel this time. And I’ve started. It’s progressing. But I did discover (I love this word discover – it’s my theme word of retirement) another writing goal for not just Year 3, but for an author’s anytime : short pieces. And that is what I’m doing currently – writing short, themed pieces : stories or opinion pieces for publication in various places. Some I’ve sent out and will advertise when they are published. Others haven’t found a home yet. But they allow me to write about what moves me at anytime, which is wonderfully rewarding. And still other pieces are thrust upon me – like a new story I am working on for possible inclusion in a book about military families and their pet stories (to be published fall 2019 by the Museum of the American Family 

HINT : the picture above is my own family doggie as a puppy in Goose Bay, Labrador in 1969. Keep following for  more reveals and new stories.

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