Winter and Retirement, Part 2


It’s been a long snowy winter where I live (Aylmer, Quebec), and I see it’s been similar elsewhere. This is my third winter in retirement, and I’ve noticed some changes about how I handle this wonderful (not sarcasm) season.

  1. I do enjoy watching the weather channel and get thrills when I see the red screen “warnings” ; I don’t have to commute anywhere (unless it’s on a curling day – then the old anxiety of driving in the freezing rain or 10cms of new snow will worry me, but how exciting!) Generally, though, I enjoy watching the condo maintenance guys doing the walks and parking lots. Vicarious reminiscing about my own sore-back-shovelling years? (yes, sarcasm here!)
  2. I didn’t go south this winter, and no plans to do so. Hmm… ? Because I’m curling in a league and don’t want to miss any games? Maybe. Yes. Sports are an antidote to the weather.
  3. Winter isn’t as scary anymore. Again, why not? Maybe because I don’t have to face it in the early morning darkness to catch a bus to work? Because I can wear warm snug hats (no fear of hat-head for work) and long underwear (which I can change out of after) for my mid-day walks? There is really no bad weather, just bad clothing and equipment! I even have slip-on ice-walking boot attachments! Of course, more prep time is required for these winter outings, but hey, time is a valuable asset in retirement, much more valuable than the paycheque! Use your assets.
  4. I live in a great city with lots of activities to do indoors after the winter sunshine walks or sports. Museums, casinos, shopping malls, bookstores, restaurants. Take a local vacation day and be a tourist! Eat breakfast out. Walk on the river or canal. Stop for a warm, mulled wine or hot chocolate at an outdoor-heated patio.

And then look at the calendar and realize, only 6 more weeks of winter? I’ve hardly started to enjoy! The curling championships are on TV now every weekend. How time flies. I can hardly wait for the next season. Spring. It always comes, so I try not to wish away this wonderful season of Winter. It, like life, is shorter than I want.




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