Summer Starts Today


The chirps and calls of birds in my courtyard woke me this morning. I remembered we can leave windows open at night now. And that the birds are in full springtime mode! It’s the May long weekend, the start of summer in Canada. As a military child then spouse, I experienced many types of weather locales throughout my life but in every one, Summer was anticipated and welcomed. Now, here in the National Capital region of Ottawa-Gatineau, Spring, such as it was this year, (ie, if you define Spring as blue skies, warmth, flowers, and cleansing rain, well, you know how that turned out this year!) – Spring is ending; it’s time to bring on Summer!

The geese haven’t just returned, they’re nesting. Golden goslings will be abundant soon. Overnight, the tree buds have unravelled into almost shady leafiness. Grass will need mowing soon but for now has transformed the landscape from winter detritus-strewn browns to shiny spring green. The sun stays up later than needed before ending the day, golden sunsets forcing rays through this year’s ever-present clouds to transform the sky to painted poetry.

Summer, like Spring will be a state of mind. Weather is only what clothes we need to wear that day. Go for a walk at 4pm and see the teenagers in their shorts and the elderly women with their parka hoods up. Summer is in the air, the higher sunshine and bluer skies have returned. Get out and grab some. Soon enough, mosquitoes, heat waves with closed windows and air conditioning bills, road construction and other late-summer dreariness will have us longing for the crisp fresh glory of Fall, then even the serenity of Winter. But not today – today it’s the start of Summer in Canada! Enjoy whatever kind of Summer this year brings.


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