Who Reads Cookbooks?


Who reads cookbooks? Why? I’ve never owned a cookbook, at least one that I’ve kept. Sometimes I’ve been given one as a gift but I can’t remember ever reading one. I have my old recipe binder that my mother created, but again, I don’t read it or use it for the recipes, I just look at it to see her handwriting when I’m missing her.

So why am I suddenly curious about cookbooks? Well, as an author, I’m always on the lookout for: 1) new story or book ideas, and 2) procrastination activities to avoid writing said ideas into stories.

I think I’ve found something that satisfies both criteria – a new idea and one that keeps me from my larger fiction project that seems stuck right now : a cookbook.

You may well wonder how someone who doesn’t follow any recipes or cookbooks can decide to write a cookbook so I will explain.

It will be like when I wrote my memoir (Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story by Michele Sabad), when I myself didn’t read many memoirs (see post : Who Reads Memoirs). I intend to write a cookbook that I would like to read. For example, I will only use recipes of dishes that I myself have created and eaten. Despite what you may have surmised, I can cook, and do. I just don’t follow recipes. My method of cooking is simply to use what I have on hand and put together meals or dishes that probably will only work once – when the exact combo of ingredients happens to be around at that same time. Also, I’ve been complimented on said meals and even been asked for my recipes, which I could never provide before, because they only could be created that one particular time. So now, I will be careful to remember how I put something together and write about it. And provide a picture. And maybe, maybe later when I have enough stories (of course I’ll add stories to the recipes!) and pictures about my inventive meals and dishes, I will have written a cookbook!

What do you think? Do you read cookbooks? Why? (p.s. the above plate of nachos was my inspirational lunch today 😉

P.S. I DID IT! “First We Eat. Food, Life, and More Stories” was published March 2020. Check it out in BOOKS

One thought on “Who Reads Cookbooks?

  1. If you feel passionate .and ..if it comes from the heart ….. it will work…looking forward to your new book .SOON AS IT COMES OUT….

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