Canada at 150. Indigenous and the Rest of Us

And now, it’s been 4 years since I first posted this. Still relevant, IMHO.

Stevie Szabad, Author

canadaflag2017Wow, published this 2 years go. It still reflects my feelings of being a luckyCanadian. Hope you enjoy the repeat post.

Many years ago, when I was young, I asked,“Grandma, weren’t there native Americans already living on your land when you homesteaded it?”

“Well, sure, I guess, but they didn’t own it. They didn’t farm it or anything. We made it productive.”

And that’s the story I knew growing up. I am descended from prairie immigrant homesteading farmers, and proud of it. My ancestors didn’t have an easy life; they worked hard and I am grateful for the towns and roads and country of Canada that they built. They passed along to me, a lucky grandchild, the good life in a great country that they envisioned. But…

I always wondered if they hadn’t missed something with the land’s indigenous peoples. Wasn’t there a better way they could have…

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2 thoughts on “Canada at 150. Indigenous and the Rest of Us

  1. I read Seven Fallen Feathers last year and was so shocked. Then I googled residential schools in the US and realized the same thing was going on here. We never learned any of this in school, and yes – we could have done better. Thanks for writing about it.

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