Story Published by Stevie


Publication Notice : “A Two-four of Tales” Twenty-four Stories from Ottawa Independent Writers, published by OTTAWA INDEPENDENT WRITERS 2019

Followers and friends of these posts know a few things about me. After all, as my real life persona of Michele Sabad, I’ve written a memoir, “Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story”, which pretty much laid out a lot of my stories as an army kid, Air Force wife, and hockey mom retired from a career in IT and settled in my adopted province and kids’ hometown of Aylmer (Gatineau) Quebec. Nothing more to add (except that I will have a new book out soon to continue Michele’s stories – this one about food stories, titled “First We Eat”.

What is new and exciting is that Stevie Szabad, Michele’s online persona and owner of this blog and her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, is now officially a published author herself. A new speculative fiction story called “Last Meal” has been published in the prestigious Ottawa Independent Writers anthology of 2019. It’s one short inclusion in what promises to be a spectacular book of short stories by many seasoned and successful Ottawa area writers. I invite you to search it out, or message me for information on where to get it.

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