First We Eat : February update


Just a Hint about the cover. Think lush, fun, colourful. The most exciting time for an author – watching the cover artist bring the words inside the book to life. And like with my first book, Camp Follower, I intend to have some illustrations inside to continue that energy.

It’s February already – and I survived the hardest part of being an author – the January editing process! It’s always so shocking to get that first edited manuscript back from the professional editor – who knew there was even a story underneath all that red ink! Those precious 40K words, lovingly crafted and pored over before handing them over to that mean, heartless beast called an editor. (My editor’s motto: “An Editor is not your friend” But equally as shocking, after ploughing  through the fixes and suggested changes, after sleepness nights wondering why I bother, why become an author at all – well, surprise – the book was better. Better than before the editing. And as happened with my first book, now I love my editor (again), that precious, helpful, wonderful person! I take back what I was thinking about them earlier.

One more reveal today, the first draft of the back cover blurb: Comments always welcome – I’ll only resent you momentarily before I consider making things better, I promise 😉

First We Eat  back cover blurb (proposed) :

Food. Who doesn’t love food and stories about food? We all eat, we all have stories about food.

Michele Sabad takes us along for some of her adventures with food and drink: stories about coffee, and steaks, about wine and nachos. Oatmeal. Grilled Cheese sandwiches. There are recipes (sort of), and lessons, and observations about restaurants. About family. About changes in eating as we grow, as society moves along, as one can afford. In true storytelling style, the anecdotes are heartwarming, insightful, amusing and cautionary, about people, like the author, and the intimate relationships they have– with food.

“A charming memoir, story-by-story, by the author of “Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story”. Interesting and fun. Take a break, grab a snack and drink, and indulge yourself with the tales.”


2 thoughts on “First We Eat : February update

  1. I like it – can’t wait to grab my grilled cheese sandwich and cuppa tea to sit down and read! How exciting ! Number 2 yahoo!

    Congrats Joanne

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