First We Eat : Publication News


It’s a process. But I’m still going to enjoy the journey! Today, (yesterday really, or maybe Monday?) Hey, early March, 2020. My second book, a sister companion to my first, Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story by Michele Sabad, is PUBLISHED. On Amazon, only in ebook format for the moment (I said, it’s a process), but the exciting news is this : The Kindle link provides a reading preview of the book! So please check it out and let me know if you like.  *** Special Note to my fellow military brats *** Although this book is about FOOD and food stories, adventures, thoughts and memories, I’m betting you’ll appreciate and be able to relate to all the locales and escapades 😉 Thanks for all your support, as I’ve learned, even in my 60s, “Once a brat, always a brat!”

KINDLE preview of First We Eat


2 thoughts on “First We Eat : Publication News

  1. Truly a process, as is each chapter of our lives. Great photo with lots of contrasts as we experience and as we are shared in life.
    How wonderful to have a purpose with prose and visual creativity- kudos Michele 🥰
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    1. How wonderful your kind words are! I do out some thought into the photos I take and use, despite my husband saying ” What’s with the bridge picture?”🤣

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