June 2020: Better. Not there Yet.

June both lived up to its promise, and disappointed. I’ll start with the bad news (as to finish with the taste of good.) Doesn’t look like any travel out west this summer. Manitoba is still locked down to outsiders like me. I will resist any snarky comments, but it’s hard news that I can’t visit my elderly father yet.

I’ve discovered that pretty much everything fun I’ve set up in my retirement lifestyle depends on activities that were severely affected by this health crisis. My sports (curling, gym, swimming), my guilty pleasure(Casino), my social life (meeting friends at restaurants). My grandson. Well, things definitely picked up in June.

I’ve babysat my grandson, more than once even! Family bubbles now permit. My calendar looks fuller, and not as diary entries detailing past events, but as future appointments. Maintenance activities have occurred: I’ve had a haircut, and got my teeth cleaned. I’ve been to a patio for a drink and snack. I’ve had a hamburger brought by a server while sitting across from people not in my household. St. Jean celebrations (usually a huge outdoor party here in Quebec) still occurred, albeit subdued with a band on a truck and road closed to allow the (small) crowd more space to enjoy. My condo gym reopened recently, thank goodness! My mental health seems remarkably tied to my physical health; no more taking that for granted!

Yes, things sure picked up in June. But we’re not there yet. The Casino promises to “open soon”. The indoor swimming pools are allowed to open, but they haven’t yet (with no water every second lane to promote distancing? Haha, I stole this bad joke.) And I haven’t even mentioned my author activities, things like my new book release signings- mostly because they are still stalled, stalled, stalled. Aside from these blog posts, no new writing seems in the offing until I can set up indoors in my cozy local coffee shop. And besides, it’s July now, high summer, and time to enjoy the outdoors.

Come on July, I’m super-rooting for you!

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2 thoughts on “June 2020: Better. Not there Yet.

  1. HI Stevie, Loved your article perhaps because it dittos my life with a few difference. But, there are signs, if minuscule that things are slowly changing. but i find my self looking over my shoulder wondering if a second wave will come and knock us off our feet, then i reprimand myself to think positive. I had a pedicure, my manicure and har cut is booked for next week and i have terrific friends.

    1. Yes, life must go on! Even if we have to live with this virus. We’re not the first humans to have to deal with difficulty, 😉

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