Lost Year excerpt : Comics

If you were a military brat like me, who enjoyed part of your childhood in Germany, then this story requires no explanation. But here’s a little. My mother collected Classic comic books. This childhood memory story reminds me that kids don’t care about classics, but they do about comics. At least we did. Excerpt from “Lost Year. A Pandemic Diary 2020” :

” Now the aforementioned begging incident was about her collection of Classic Comics that she’d had packed in one of a few precious boxes allotted for our move to Germany in 1965. The first thing I noticed about Germany was that there was no TV. No Saturday morning cartoons, just as I, at 7 years old, and my three younger brothers were entering the Saturday morning cartoon ages. TV, a habit we were happy to start back in Calgary, Alberta before this move backwards in time to this faraway country and continent. No TV? What to do? So what are Classic Comics? They were actually called “Classics Illustrated” and featured tales from famous literature, tales like Black Beauty (my favourite) and The Three Musketeers. The stories were told in illustrated colourful comic book form, obviously abridged versions, but fabulous nonetheless, and especially appealing to youngsters (although my parents loved them, too.) That box of Classic Comics, kept in my parents’ bedroom closet, was a treasure chest, but we daren’t touch it without permission. “

3 thoughts on “Lost Year excerpt : Comics

  1. I was actually born in Berlin in 1961, my dad was Air Force. I don’t really remember anything about it though, I was only 2 when we moved back to the States.

  2. You’re lucky . My dad thought comics were trash, I had a very large box of them and came home from school in sixth grade watching my mom burning them. I got them from a lady who’s husband and son collected them . They were from the 30s 40s and 50s originals and #1s millions of dollars worth. All because my dad was in Vietnam for a year. I had them a whole year and lost them !

    1. I’m so sorry your memories are so sad. Hopefully your love of reading couldn’t be erased. Paper is just paper but our feelings live on.

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