Welcome – Michele Sabad is a writer, using this website to publish her writing pieces for anyone to read. She welcomes your comments! Explore the posts under the categories that pique your interest, and enjoy!

News and Notes from Michele

  • My memoir book first draft is almost complete. I’ve sent the first 10K words off to a contest and to be critiqued. I’ve picked the title : “Camp Follower: A Storied Life”
  • Another excerpt from my memoir book “Camp Follower: A Storied Life” has been published.
  •  See blog post “Publication Notice” for info about stories of mine that have been published.
  • Follow me on twitter under Stevie Szabad (my online social media contact persona!) @ SSzabad



2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Looking forward to all your writings. Congratulations on taking this new step in you life.

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