March On 2021

March On 2021 I’ve been busy (a relative term these days) watching Canadian curling championships on TV this month. The Scotties (Women’s), the Brier (Men’s), and as of this writing, the Mixed Doubles. It’s been great to wrangle my daily schedule(such as it is) around at least 2, usually even 3 draws (games) a day … More March On 2021

Curfew! (Part of never-ending January 2021)

Many army brats of my generation can remember the base curfews growing up in within barbed-wire-fenced camp borders in our PMQs (Married Quarters – I’m not going down that rabbit hole again about what the ‘P’ stands for. Personal? Private? Permanent? Doesn’t matter anyway – we just called our houses ‘PMQs’.) Curfews for the younger … More Curfew! (Part of never-ending January 2021)

Pandemic January

It’s only the 8th day of January, and already it feels like it will never end. Running slo-mo through molasses. A nightmare where I’m trying to wake up. Covid numbers, hospital overflows. Stricter shutdowns, rules, higher fines. My curling ice bookings are cancelled, again. Swim times no longer permitted. Of course, you say. Those 1 … More Pandemic January