July 2020. Normal, Outside.

July went by fast. Sometimes I hope the whole year, this year of the pandemic, would just be over with already. Then I remember, and tell myself, “You’re not getting any younger! Don’t wish your life away. Live and Adapt.” So I try, as well as possible, what with all the “new normal” ways to live.

My calendar notes quite a lot of activity in July, much of it outdoors, despite the extreme heat and humidity. We went on a 2 night “staycation” at a nearby resort. We went to a friend’s cottage, had a Canada Day picnic with family, played mini-golf a few times. Drinks and meals on restaurant patios. Barbeque and swimming at my son’s, and babysitting. Life almost felt normal when outside.

Of course, life is only “newly” normal. Masks are worn everywhere indoors. There are not many places (that I’ve been) where there are crowds. People are not “normal” – they don’t chat in lines (there are many lineups in the new normal), they try to look away when they pass by, they are suspicious of anyone who isn’t trying as hard as they are to beat this thing. Facebook is rife with judgement.

Not to be depressed though. July included the first birthday of my grandson. Life indoors will return and we will adjust. I signed up for a new curling season for the fall. A few more bookstores took copies of my neglected new release (“First We Eat. Food, Life, and More Stories”). My military son and his wife came from away for a visit. We even have booked a trip to the local Casino, an activity we enjoy in moderation. I wonder how normal that activity will feel?

Again, the Pandemic is not over, but it’s not going to beat us completely either. And just like that, it’s August 2020 already.

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