Next Book : Untitled but not Unthemed

00000IMG_00000_BURST20180818123407~2.jpgPandora. Prometheus. Eve. They had something in common despite the differences in their stories.  As the human characters they represent, they shared a curiosity; a desire for more. More knowledge, more progress, more, more. More for the puny, quick little flicker of life that we all endure as individuals.

Human nature fascinates me. These extra-curious passionate human characters, although mythological, provide encouragement and mark trails for those of us looking for the light of knowledge ourselves. Of course, their stories warn also : don’t get too curious – you can’t put it back in the box! You might get burned or crash to earth! And of course, you can be cursed forevermore. But, but… These stories all sing to me of the possibility, the potential, the sheer wonder of the human spirit to grow and learn. To Try.

My first book Camp Follower chronicled one army brat’s life stories, those of myself, the author. So the lesson I’m taking for my next book, a fiction collection of short stories with threaded narration, will be themed on the wonder of those special human animals to grow, to learn, to risk mistakes to advance the rest of us. Who first tamed fire? What was our meeting with Neanderthals like? How did we get around the world from simple species beginnings in Africa? How did we do it? I hope to write stories that capture that human drive, that curiosity, the spirit that the rest of us can learn from. Or at least enjoy reading about. Stay tuned, “winter is coming”, and with it, my new season of writing 😉

2 thoughts on “Next Book : Untitled but not Unthemed

  1. Curiosity is a wonderful thing, especially when coupled with imagination. I often wish I had discovered the power of that connection years earlier. Now I have to live two lifetimes to play with the ideas flying out of the boxes I’m opening now. It is true. You cannot put them back. They have a life of their own, and whether you stand or fall as you explore, the wonder of it expands your soul until it spills out in words or art or action — no matter the cost. I look forward to reading your next work.

    1. Thanks Patti, always such a pleasure to get your comments🙂! I think I posted this to force myself back to work😉

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