The Month Of The Military Child: An Interview With Our Five Girls

We’re everywhere! Celebrate April, the month of the Military Child!

The Life of A Therapist

Military life is something I am extremely passionate about.  I have been “married” to the Navy for almost 14 years.  I have shared with you in Resilience in Military Spouses and Resilience in Military Spouses..Part 2 about some of the sacrifices I have made as a military spouse.  Some will never know what being married to the military (specifically active duty) means. There are definitely pros and cons, thrills and chills associated to military service. Therefore, it is always an honor to talk “military life.”  For many that do not understand the military life, the military (basically) dictates our life (where we live, where the girls’ attend school, if/when we can take a vacation, etc).  Truly, when Chief serves, the

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