New Season, New Project, Title Reveal


Not too many readers or writers I know aren’t affected/excited by September. It’s a month of renewal, not unlike January to start the new calendar year, or May, to end the long Canadian winter and start the summer (and is my birthday month). But September is great for more than the weather – it is the month we re-start our education, or work life, or register for our fall activities. It’s a new season, and for me, a new project is taking shape.

My first book, Camp Follower, has been my baby, my success, my validation in retirement that I still have something to contribute to the world. The life of an author has been my dream, and I’m living it. The naggling question: what’s next? I started a fiction novel last year, but it isn’t ready (I haven’t abandoned it – it’s just in the background). A new non-fiction, short-story style book is (more than) half finished in my draft folders – a new book I’m planning to release in early 2020. I will leak excerpts of it soon, but for today, those who follow this blog, to those who’ve read my first book, and to those who simply are curious and may have finished reading this sentence, I reveal the title now. (Tentative title still – I haven’t run it by my editor yet and you fellow authors know the dread in handing it over to that ruthlessly honest creature!)

My next book will be titled:

First We Eat. Food, Life and (More) Stories by Michele Sabad, author of Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story.

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “New Season, New Project, Title Reveal

  1. Congratulations, I love this post I can smell the lavender. Good luck with your new book. I am impressed with your blog very different and that’s not easy to do,

    1. Thank you, Susan! I’m truly enjoying my new life as author and blogger; I only post when I’m feeling it so your kind words are appreciated!

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