November Doldrums


Does anyone else have favourite and dreaded times of the year? I’ve always said that November is my least favourite month. It means that summer is for sure over, no more chance at a freak heat wave, and snow can realistically be expected at any time. There’s a greyness to the month that I dread. Even with falling back an hour, at my northern latitude in Quebec it means little, if any, sunshine difference. Fun times of October: the brilliance of the blue skies and fall foliage; my wedding anniversary in October that can mean a spontaneous holiday trip; Hallowe’en, especially now with a new grandson to borrow for his childness to excuse my costuming and eager candy-handing – these fun October times give way on ‘All Saints Day’ to clouds, rain, cold and doldrums.

I’m retired now, but long enough that the routine of life can still feel a drag. I long for November to hurry up, to come out the other side into festive December where I can look forward to hosting family gatherings and shopping, this year even for toys; to hiking the solidly frozen winter trails, maybe even skating the Ottawa Rideau canal. Here’s a list (I do like lists!) of things I’ve planned (I do like planning!) to help November move along:

  • Finish my manuscript for Book 2 (Book 1 is still selling well : Camp Follower), when I’m not procrastinating by writing blog posts like this 😉
  • I have two curling bonspiels in November, one with my own club, and one with friends out of town. Sports leagues are a fantastic way to keep to a schedule no matter what the weather.
  • Casino season is back. Once a week, with a budget.
  • My daughter-in-law will go back to work while my son takes longer parental leave this year, so hopefully I will get to babysit my grandson lots!
  • At least one, maybe two, in-town tourist days: the History or War Museum (appropriate for this military family in November), or the Art Gallery. Followed by lunch at a downtown touristy restaurant. I love it when the waitresses ask where we’re from and we say, “across the river”.

Happy November, I feel better already!





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