November Doldrums – Not!


November Doldrums are over. If you read that post, then you know I struggle with getting through this dreary month. But today, Happy American Thanksgiving, and welcome to fun December. Here’s what I accomplished this month – it did seem to go by faster than anticipated (doesn’t life always?)

  • I did get to babysit my 4-month-old grandson, twice!
  • I did do the 2 curling bonspiels; didn’t win them, but didn’t lose all the games either.
  • I got my copy of “My Hero Dog” with a new “Camp Follower” story published in it.
  • I got my flu shot, and I haven’t even been sick with anything yet this year.
  •  My husband and I did do an in-town getaway at the fancy Casino hotel nearby.
  •  I went bowling with my brother.
  •  Got an excerpt (“The Best Appetizer”) from my upcoming book “First We Eat” published in
  •  Best of all, the snow from early November melted by month’s end. Of course, it’s December now, so there’s more where that came from. But at least the Christmas lights are up now to make it prettier.

Looking back on November, I’m surprised I thought it would be dreary – it reads like a great month, and I admit it was. I also notice I linked quite a few references in this post – if you’re a new reader here, please enjoy! IMG_20181208_200129~2.jpg

2 thoughts on “November Doldrums – Not!

  1. Congrats, Stevie, on your new publishing credits. I am not surprised, you pen a great story. All the best to you as you glide toward Christmas.

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