My First Covid19 Month


April 1 today, a new month. How to describe March 2020? It started as expected, as planned for – an exciting month! Daughter-in-law Janna was in town from out west for a short visit. My new book was edited in January, and in February it was getting illustrations and cover art finished and finally it was ready for layout and printing. By early March, it was published on Amazon; by March 6 I had copies in hand from the local printer, the first beautiful new creation handed over to my son D’Arcy and wife, Jessica. March 11, a Wednesday, we went to dinner at Crazy Horse, a steakhouse, with friends. March 12 we won our mixed doubles curling game against friends, Dave and Karen. Karen bought both my new, and previous book in preparation for her trip at the end of March because she would miss my sales launch at the curling club, scheduled for the first week of April. Needless to say, March 12 was our last curling game of the season. Dave and Karen would not be going to Barbados. It would be our last social outing except for Friday, March 13, when we went to supper with kids and grandson Jack at the British, a local pub, where, incidentally, I had a public book launch planned, but again, never to occur. We said hello to our Member of Parliament, Greg Fergus, also there dining with his wife, but weren’t shaking any hands. It was our last dinner out before the rest of the month broke into a loosed hell. Stores, restaurants closed. Shopping was desperate with stockpilers. No swimming. Our condo gym was closed. Some depression set in. I read a great book for these weeks about Shackleton’s supply depot team in 1914-16 in Antarctica – (Shackleton’s Heroes by McOrist) – it helped because here I was in my own virus apocalypse, sitting with cable and wifi and electricity. I was picking up groceries and even treats (wine) daily on my walks across to the open stores (grocery, bakery, drugstore, and liquor store only.) Gas prices hit lows of 72cents a litre on our side of the river (even lower in Ottawa), but where would we go? We’d drive to Tim Horton’s then go check out the river almost every day, but we haven’t gassed up now in weeks. Our living money is fine (pension, bank account) but the savings in the market have taken a big hit. I’m sure that will come back by the time we need it, so no more discussion of funds. We may be at risk for the virus due to our over-60 ages, but at least we are already retired with a dependable, planned income coming in uninterrupted. So now what? How will I fight the depression of not touching my grandson? Of no social outings? Of no organized sports or gym fitness activity? The disappointment of the delayed launch of my new book? On to April. No plans for it right now. See you on the other side, month by month, week by week, one day at a time.





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