Pandemic Anniversary 2022

Today is Februrary 28, 2022. It’s been 2 years ago today that my, our, world changed. Here is an excerpt from my book “Lost Year. A Pandemic Diary 2020”, which documents my own journey through the first of these past 2 years. It’s not a long book, unlike the year. Enjoy and remember with me.

” At the end of February, Don and I went on a weekend trip to nearby Kingston, Ontario to watch the Canadian Men’s Curling Championships, the Brier. Something happened that last weekend of February. A hint.

“Great seats! I’m glad we can sit where we want.”

“Yes. Except,” Don leaned closer to whisper, “that obnoxious woman behind us. Do you hear her?”

“Yeah, she sure doesn’t shut up. Maybe we should move?”

“It’s just that she’s coughing so much, too. You know?”

Yes, I knew. It was just starting to be mentioned in the news. A dangerous flu that came with a fever and cough. At our curling club the week before, it was all everyone talked about, and some of us weren’t shaking hands before and after games anymore.

“Let’s move.”

But one week later, Don was coughing, and I would also get a sore throat for a couple of days. Although neither of us got a fever, and no one was getting tested for anything at this time, it made us wonder.

Wonder indeed.

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