Another Turn Around the Sun

I turned 64 today. May 2-4, always a long weekend, and usually great weather, and a great time. But today I feel… not melancholy, not sad, but…reflective is the probably the best word. Suddenly, without my noticing, I’m in my mid-60s. Not elderly, but, let’s say, if I wasn’t already retired, I would be soon anyway. People don’t question “what do I do” anymore – they know I’m retired from looking at me now!

And that’s OK. Life is like that – chapters and phases and cycles. The past few years I didn’t much notice those passages of time (see more about my Pandemic in Lost Year) as the world went through its own crazy period, but today, in 2022, it’s like Snow White waking up again. Did she also wonder at the extra grey hairs and muffin top? (Well, hardly, coma-statis and all.) But for me, I’m definitely feeling my age these days. Creaky mornings. Less wine or suffer the effects. Knee sometimes. I could go on, but do I want to be the old people I rolled my own eyes at not that long ago?

Maybe it’s the extra responsibilities at this stage of life. Caring for the (really) elderly parents. My father once told the story of my birth: He was a young soldier, only 19, and was scheduled to be on parade for the Queen Victoria Day that Saturday of May 24th 1958, and was so happy that he got off from it to come see his first-born in the hospital instead! Now I’m the one telling that story, as he doesn’t remember it anymore. (Note to self: tell my own children the stories I want to hear from them someday. I repeat, not melancholy, reflective.)

Of course, lots of great things at this stage of life also, and the brightest one that comes to mind is my almost 3-year old grandson. Last week he started asking me that wonderful question : “Why, Gramma?” And I nearly burst into tears, so excited to start with answers, as finally, my age and wisdom is not only required but actually requested! But then he saw his yellow truck and zoomed off before I could tell him the meteorological theory of thunder and lightning. Youth.

Yes, in age I’m like Cassandra, doomed to understand and know, but that no one pays attention.

Just kidding – if you’ve read this far, then I know there is always someone to pay attention. Thank you for that. And Happy Day to you all.

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2 thoughts on “Another Turn Around the Sun

  1. I am 63. I understand! My mom is 99, so I understand that part, too. At least we are still alive and can live our best life. Enjoy your day!

  2. I know what you mean Stevie my grandkids came down from Ottawa this weekend and my 3 year old grandson came in the door I hugged him and he looked at me in a serious way and said “Oh Grandma your arm is broke!” I had to explain to him that it wasn’t broke, it was just because I was OLD and the muscle in my arm was flappy.!

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