September : Time to Restart

So cliché, but seriously, where did the summer go? I must have said this before, but September feels like the start of a new year. And September 2022 finds me ready for a new start.

Isn’t that just like life, starting over and over and over again? It’s not a bad thing, but it sure is a thing.

This summer started and ended much differently from recent years past, as is fitting for the end of a world pandemic. (I know, not the end everywhere, for everyone, but after x number of vaccine shots and x number of bouts of the virus, I declare it over for me!) Summer with a new travel trailer allowed, well, more travel!

But new family responsibilities – elderly care and help to adult children in their own life restarts kept many travels shorter and closer to home. No big trips out west this year.

Now my military son lives in the ‘far east’ (New Brunswick), a part of the country I’m eager to explore. And isn’t that the goal – to explore? To boldly go… you get it.

Summer 2022 is over. September awaits. More travel. More family. But also more explorations. I dropped off copies of my books to a new local bookstore that opens in September. I booked a cruise. I’m signed up for curling season. My grandson starts a kiddie-type school and skating lessons. Life doesn’t just start over and over, it continues. And maybe, even will the writing.

Check out BOOKS.

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