May 2023 and the living is (getting) easy(er)

I’ve been elsewhere in my life for a few months, even almost years. Elsewhere from my retirement avocation of author, that is. You remember Michele Sabad, the former army brat? The air force wife and hockey mom? Now retired in her kids’ hometown of Aylmer, Quebec? The one who wrote 3 books about that journey, in the fun short story-style trilogy of Camp Follower, First We Eat, and Lost Year? Yes, the real Stevie Szabad. Although life has been demanding of her these past years since her last published book, well, I’m happy to report, She’s Back! Ok, not with another book yet, but at least with the blogging. And a couple of short stories (more about that in future blogs 😉 For now,

It’s May 2023 and Michele is turning 65 this month. It’s only 1 year more than in 2022, but there’s something about 65 that rings in the mind as special. I won’t say old, but, you know what I mean (and if you don’t, hopefully someday you will. Age is a privilege denied to many.) Here’s more that’s ringing in my head about being 65.

  1. The government sends greetings. Choices about ‘Old Age’ pensions and such. Forms about healthcare.
  2. No more wondering if I qualify for any Senior discounts. I do.
  3. Of course, the myriad little life things that go with getting elder – invisible to teens, grunting when getting out of chairs, asking what day it is (again), even enjoying going to bed by (before) 10pm. These and more have been sneaking up for years, nothing special in them about being 65.

And yet there is one more special event in my life, one that comes every 5 years and has always fallen on my milestone birthday weekend : My high school reunion in Petawawa, Ontario. There, I won’t have to feel special about being 65. Everyone will be. Many will be even older, and some, hoping for that privilege. I for one am grateful.

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