Mother’s Day Through My Ages

Mother’s Day 2023 sure feels different this year. I realize I’ve been celebrating/grieving/recognizing/ignoring this calendar day for 65 years now.

My father introduced me to the celebration. “Come on, kids, make mom breakfast in bed!” So burnt toast and Dad’s bitter coffee with all 4 of us jumping on her bed and waking Mom up earlier than she would have preferred were first recollections. Flowers we picked. Dandelions? I hope not, but maybe.

Later, older, homemade presents, then store-bought, including the flowers. Out for brunch, if I lived in town. I wasn’t home for many Mother’s Days after my own husband and I started the military moves of the family tradition. Phone calls and cards sent in the mail.

The big change in celebrations, the pinnacle of the Mother’s Day years, would have to be when I became a mother myself. How I loved my boys waking me up too early, jumping on my bed, my loving husband holding the flowers encouraging them with the toast and chocolate. Best times ever.

Then the grieving Mother’s Days. No need to explain to those my age. Mothers that have passed on are never forgotten, and this day in May reminds us afresh of our loss. But life goes on, and my own children still recognize and phone and sometimes take me out to brunch, if they’re in town.

The next change is when Mother’s Day becomes Grandmother Day. I joyously appreciate that now I can not exactly ignore this day, but at least pass over the duties of it to my son. He must bounce his son on his wife’s bed with flowers in hand and take her out for the day, which comes back full circle to my own celebration of today.
I get to babysit. Seriously, it’s the pleasure of my life now. And tomorrow, my favourite day of the week in retirement, Monday? I shall rest.

Happy Mother’s Day one and all, however and wherever in the cycle you are.

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