Weather or Not

When I was writing my book Camp Follower, I noticed that the moves of my military life seemed always to be “polar” opposites (pun intended) in terms of the type of weather. Calgary in winter to cloudy Germany. Germany to Goose Bay. Anywhere in the dry prairies to anywhere in humid southern Ontario. But in finally settling into my adopted hometown of Aylmer, Quebec, I have to admit that the Ottawa region of our country is the perfect Canadian climate, because it is the most diverse. I have experienced hot, humid or dry summer days, monsoon days of fall or spring rain, thunderstorms and tornado warnings every year, and of course, the arctic chill of dry, blue, winter days : see below. Note to my American friends : these temps are in Celsius. For example, the -30C can be read as -22F. I love the weather here because every day can remind me of another place, another time! For now, I know this wonderful cold will freeze the Rideau canal and I can get out the skates. All the best for a great 2018!



2 thoughts on “Weather or Not

  1. As a fellow Army Brat, I relate to your “polar opposite” moves. We went from three years of humid, hot Panama to mile-high, dry Colorado just before winter hit. What a shock! From bare feet to parkas and boots in a few days time.

    1. Awesome! There’s a quote in my book about us military kids feeling like aliens transported by spaceship to land on the next familiar-style base, but where the geography, culture, and weather were all different!

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