Retirement Bonus #Staycation!


Well into year 3 of retirement, I’ve settled into a routine. Get up early. Earlier than I thought I would in retirement, but I am a morning person. Make coffee and breakfast. Watch the news. Work on my blog, or my next book, or a short story. Go to the gym (downstairs in the condo building), shower, make lunch. Go out. Walk for errands nearby: grocery store, drugstore, bakery, liquour store. Or go to the curling club for my game. Or walk to the coffee shop to work on my blog, or next book. Home to have supper. Read. Watch TV. It’s a wonderful routine, actually, a routine I dreamed of having when I was working. Sometimes there is a different activity: meet friends for lunch. Go to the mall. Order in for supper. Go to a writer event after supper. Go to my son’s and visit the grandson. Again, all part of a fulfilling, well-earned retirement life; I’m not complaining!


But it’s November. Winter came early and looks dug in to be a long one. I’ve heard other retirees say that they don’t need a “vacation” from life anymore, since all of retirement is a vacation, but they do want to get away and travel, especially early in retirement when health is still good enough. I want that too, but I also crave a short, cheaper “vacation” from the routine, nice as it is. So when my local Casino advertised a reduced rate for a night at the fancy attached resort hotel, my husband and I jumped on it. We could still make our curling game, but afterwards, a comfy King-sized bed with clean sheets and an outdoor hot tub in the snow squalls. Then a buffet dinner. A music show. Up early as usual the next morning; but coffee in a room that I didn’t have to clean up after. Another swim in the outdoor heated pool – I took a tuque to wear  in the hot tub as the wind was invigoratingly cold, well, freezing cold. Cold enough that being out in it in a hot tub feels silly and wonderful. A shower with all the fancy hotel shampoos and soaps and extra fluffy towels, then home by lunchtime, to do the groceries, the housework, the routine of our lives again. Ahh, but routine broken. And re-established; it only takes a short time away to love coming back.

Happy Retirement, but remember, any routine can become too routine – enjoy a Staycation from time to time!


3 thoughts on “Retirement Bonus #Staycation!

  1. How wonderful ! I think a positive attitude helps a lot. Sometimes we loose sight of all the places close to us that would make a great Staycation. Montreal and Toronto are close by, but there are many local packages or overnighters that break up the “routine” . I have been retired for 6 years now and at times can’t believe I managed to do all I did with a growing family and full time job.

    I guess that retirement offers us moments to reflect and appreciate take the time to recover, explore, reconnect to life with a new curiosity. Those with families can enjoy participating from another perspective. Relationships take on new meaning and we become aware of our life span.

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