First We Eat – Published Excerpt


First Published Excerpt from my upcoming new book “First We Eat. Food, Life, and (More) Stories from Michele Sabad author of Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story is featured in the next issue of Free Lit Magazine. Volume 5 Issue 5 November 2019. The Happiness Issue, quite appropriate for my story entitled “The Best Appetizer”. Here’s the intro :

It’s not always the most expensive foods that taste the best. Many memorable meals of my life share not the type of food consumed at all, but the conditions around the consumption. I’m talking about the when and why we eat, not the what. I would wager that the best food in life is that which is earned by fresh air and hard work. Here’s an example.

Please check it out – it’s free to read online starting Tuesday, November 26. And let me know what you think – the draft of First We Eat hasn’t gone to the editor yet, so there’s still time to influence what I write in it; don’t miss out giving me advance feedback, it helps us both 😉 Thanks!

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